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모국어 :  스페인어, 한국어
학습할 언어 :  영어, 일본어
I'm ChungWon Lee(Daniel) from South Korea. I live in Gyeonggi province and work in Seoul nearby Gwanghwamun and City Hall. I worked in LG for 7 years and now work in another multinational company. I'm finding a friend who can help to improve each other's language skills. Especially I'm very insterested in improving my English(verval conversation & presentation skills). I can help you with Korean and Spanish. I'll be waiting for your contact! Thank you:)
모국어 :  한국어
학습할 언어 :  영어, 중국어 (표준), 일본어
Hi, nice to meet you. My name is sanghoon, Korean. I want make a friend who want to learn Korean. If you are interested in Korea, I will help you. It doesn't matter which language you speak, but if you speak Chinese, English or Japanese, it will be very helpful for me to learn them.
모국어 :  한국어
학습할 언어 :  영어, 스페인어
Hello :D My name is Lucy.minjung and live in Korea. I'm looking for a language exchage friends to study English and Spanish. I've learned English such a long time, but I couldn't usually use(So, I'm not good at it) Thus, my goals are English speaking better than now and begin to learn Spanish.(Spanish is very first time.) If someone else want to learn Korean, I can share about culture and hobbies. I'm interesting about sports, music, history, art, coffee, Lego. (p.s 연애에 관심 없어요, 진짜 공부하고 싶은거에요) Add. I'm married so I don't mind about new lover. If you want to learn the other language and make a international friend, send me some message.And Let's move and talk in mobile Messenger.(I can talk by KaKao, Hangout, Line and instagram.) Thank you for your attention.
모국어 :  일본어, 한국어
학습할 언어 :  일본어, 영어
예전에 이 사이트에서 언어교환했던 좋은 추억이 있었는데 오랜만에 다시 외국어 공부가 하고싶어져서 구글링해서 다시 재가입하게 됐어요 일주일전에 다른계정을 만들었는데 오류때문인지 사진등록이 안돼서 그냥 계정삭제하고 새로 다시 만들었어요 메세지보내주신 분들 죄송합니다ㅠ I have experienced a good language exchange at this site in the past, So I googled it, registered it with new account! Because I want to study foreign languages again Actually,I made my account a week a go. But it doesnt work with uploading my selfie. So i deleted it...I apologize to people who send me messages(SAD) 저는 대학 기숙사 식당에서 보조 영양사로 일하고 있구요 여기는 외국인 학생들도 많이 오는편이라 영어회화실력이 정말 필요해요 2년동안 영어를 전공하고 나머지 2년은 식품영양을 전공했어요 그래서인지 영어가 예전만큼 나오질 않네요 슬프네용 Right now, i'm a dietary assistant at university dormitory cafeteria There are a lot of foreign student so i really need an english communication skill of speaking,listening I majored in english literature for 2 years and majored in food and nutrition for rest 2 years Thats why my skill has been downgraded(SAD) Im looking for someone who... 1.have interest in Korean language and also speak english as a mother language 2.speak in Japanese as a second language (would be great!cause i can speak in japanese well.if you cant its ok!) 3.possible to access to Skype (it dosent have to be everyday conversation!just because i have to speak out with my voice.and just texting and email would be nice too!) 4.speak in american english (i cant understand clearly with british english sorry... you can found me that im a such a broken robot with british's... if you have not intense accent,intonation,stress,pronounciation british sound, please fix me up till i can install <british english> flawlessly) 5.can teach me about polite conversation skill for who serve meals in cafeteria or restaurant (For example1 ; this side dish is for people who made a reservation 2;this meal ticket is available from march.second lunchtime) Please contact me! Thank you! 1.한국어에 관심있는 영어 모국어인 분 2.제2외국어로 일본어되시는 분 3.회화위주가 좋아서 스카이프 접속가능한 분 4.영국영어 잘못알아들어요 미국영어 가능하신분 5.식음료서비스상황에서 예의바른대화법 알려주실분