Hassi365님의 프로필


이름 Hass
도시 Nj
본국 US 미국
현재 국가 US 미국
연령 27
성별 남성
모국어 HI 힌디어
PA 펀자브어
TR 터키어 / 튀르크어
UR 우르두어
학습할 언어 FR 프랑스어


회원 전용


Hey, I’m Hassan. I live in United States. I speak a few languages. And now my main focus is French. I’m a beginner in French and very dedicated, as I have experience to tackle learning languages. Please shoot me a message or add me on Snapchat.
We will do our best to help each other learn and practice French. Also, if you need any help in any of the languages above, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I hope to hear from you soon :)
Please no flirting. Serious people aiming for fun ways to learn just hit me up 😁🤙🏽

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새 메시지
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