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이름 Verena / 游晗
도시 오스나브뤼크
본국 DE 독일
현재 국가 DE 독일
연령 27
성별 여성
모국어 DE 독일어
학습할 언어 KO 한국어
ZH 중국어 (표준)
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I'm a German native, who is fluent in English, looking for someone to practice my Chinese (Mandarin (simplified)) (or Korean or French) with. I'm mostly focusing on Chinese & my current level is between HSK2 and HSK4 (so around A2-B1). (My Korean is still non-existent (very motivated to learn though!) and I am also a beginner in French).

I've graduated from law school two years ago and I'm now working full time. I've also studied politics so if you are into politics we could talk about that, too (that being said, don't worry, we definitely don't have to).
My hobbys are: playing lacrosse, painting/drawing (mostly aquarell), cooking (plant-based), playing the Ukulele/Piano, going to the gym, reading (fiction (novels), non-fiction, sometimes poetry), listening to music (Rock, Pop, Alternative, Folk, Classical music, Jazz), watching dramas (I tell myself it's for language learning purposes...) and, of course, as the newest addition to the list, learning Languages.
Please feel free to contact me, if you want to learn German and/or English and you are a native Chinese (/ Korean /French) speaker

If I don't reply it's because I'm crazy busy or didn't see your message (no clue why, some of them I don't get an email notification for). So sorry in advance!
Also - even though I love meeting new people - I honestly have quite a few Chinese language exchange partner (and friends speaking Chinese) already, so if you want someone to talk to 24/7 I won't be the right fit for you, as I truly dont have that much time on my hands at the moment.

(After being on this site for a while I guess the following truly is necessary (:D): Just a friendly disclaimer: I already have a boyfriend and I am _not_ looking for something other than a platonic relationship. I'm happy to make friends of any gender though. :) )

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