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이름 Pasha
도시 오클랜드
본국 UA 우크라이나
현재 국가 NZ 뉴질랜드
연령 31
성별 남성
모국어 EN 영어
RU 러시아어
UK 우크라이나어
학습할 언어 KO 한국어
ES 스페인어
JA 일본어


Instagram XXXXXXX
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Hi, I'm Pavlo from Ukraine, living in New Zealand since 2016.

I'm currently studying Japanese language at my free time.
Also I used to learn Spanish several years ago at university.
I don't mind to learn Korean as well!

Here in New Zealand I met many friends from Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, we had a lot of fun doing language exchange, cooking together, watching movies, doing road trips, board games and going to ocean. But now almost all of them had to leave New Zealand and couldn't come back due to covid, so I'm looking for other fun people to do language and cultural exchange.

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새 메시지
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