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이름 Takashi
도시 오사카
본국 JP 일본
현재 국가 JP 일본
연령 26
성별 남성
모국어 JA 일본어
학습할 언어 ES 스페인어
PT 포르투갈어
ZT 중국어 (타이완어)
EN 영어


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Im Tak from Japan🇯🇵
I just moved to Osaka from Fukuoka for my job.

I could use English because I have been to Vancouver for a year.
I wanna improve my English more, and be interested in other language and their culture too!
I am looking for someone who have intereted in Japanese culture,who wanna speak Japanese.

Thanks for reading my profile!
Let's hangout cheerfully for cheers with Sake!hhh

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새 메시지
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