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모국어 :  수화 (터키수화)
학습할 언어 :  영어 name is Ahmet.i can teach turkish if you want. we can correspond in english.
Am a community development worker, living in Malawi l work with community people, that have different cultures, different views and different languages. I teach English to many people that want to learn in my community. I like movies, l like reading novels, l like making friends from other countries.l like jogging,. Foot ball, hiking and tying out new things. I also provide tour guide to anyone in need of it especially the tourists
학습할 언어 :  독일어
Hello, I'm a 22-year-old history and German student. I have recently finished my degree and want to continue learning German. I am a native British English speaker. My German is at B1 level (on the CEFR). Any recommendations about what I could use to continue language learning as well would be appreciated. I am happy for people who are not learning my practising language to contact me, so they can improve their English. Hallo, ich bin ein 22-jähriger Geschichts- und Deutschstudent. Ich habe vor kurzem meinen Abschluss gemacht und möchte weiter Deutsch lernen. Ich bin britischer Englisch-Muttersprachler. Mein Deutsch ist auf B1-Niveau (nach dem CEFR). Ich würde mich über Empfehlungen freuen, was ich zum Weiterlernen der Sprache nutzen könnte. Ich freue mich, wenn Menschen, mit mir Kontakt aufnehmen, damit sie ihr Englisch verbessern können.
I’m Ruth Nathaniel ,I want to be your loyalty friend beyond just language exchange and keep in touch for a long time. Although there is a time difference between you and me, but I don't think that is a problem. So let's be friend and have a conversation. I look forward to your message, thank you for reading my profile and have a nice day (: love traveling learning new things making new friends fun to be with I’m calm and simple.
학습할 언어 :  한국어
Am friendly to people, DM me if you want to be my friend😊😍
학습할 언어 :  영어
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모국어 :  베트남어
학습할 언어 :  일본어, 수화 (미국수화)
안녕하세요, 제 이름은 Tran입니다. 저는 20세이고 중화인민공화국에 살고 있어요. 일본어, 수화 (미국수화)를 공부할 언어 교환 파트너를 찾고 있어요. 대신에 베트남어를 배울 수 있도록 도와 드리겠습니다.
학습할 언어 :  독일어, 영어
I am interesting in helping other in learning Arabic, and also get to meet great people from all over the world
모국어 :  불가리아어
안녕하세요, 제 이름은 Djanan입니다. 불가리아에 살고 있어요. 수화 (불가리아수화), 수화 (국제수화), 수화 (일본수화), 수화 (대한민국수화), 수화 (터키수화), 영어를 공부할 언어 교환 파트너를 찾고 있어요. 대신에 불가리아어를 배울 수 있도록 도와 드리겠습니다.
모국어 :  독일어, 영어
학습할 언어 :  독일어, 수화 (미국수화)
Hello, I am a 15yrs old and I have many interests. I enjoy science (biology and physics) and learning new things. In my free time I like to read, draw, and play video games I am a native speaker of English and would be very happy to share my English skills in exchange for help with improving my German speaking and grammar. :D Have a wonderful day!, S_elise
학습할 언어 :  영어
Hii My name is Antonio I’m Spanish from Madrid. I’m currently living in London. I’m admin office. I like travelling, play sports, go to the cinema….
모국어 :  프랑스어
Hey, I'm Elise, from France, I'm here to practice English with native speakers (both British English and American English are welcome, I'm used to both) and to try to learn Spanish again (learned it at school but... Well... It didn't go as planned... I can barely introduce myself) with native speakers too. I'm a ventriloquist and puppeteer, I'm studying Theatre at uni. I love reading, knitting, sewing, learning new languages (for now working on Spanish skills and plan on learning Russian next) and of course ventriloquism and puppeteering. I'm also a huge fan of Halloween and love to get costumed as something that's not me (huge bonus if there's fake blood involved lol). Hola, me llamo Elise, soy de Francia, quiero practicar Inglés con Inglés o Americanos y aprender Español. Soy ventrílocua, y estudio teatro en la universidad. Me gustan leer, aprender nuevas lenguas, y la ventriloquia. Me gusta también Halloween.
Hello! Im a person who loves to learn new languages and meet people! I'm fluent in Spanish, English and Otomi which is a native language from Mexico. I'll be happy to just chat and show you about my culture or you showing me about yours. I'm fine with just listening if you need someone to chat to. :D
모국어 :  영어
My name is Fiona and I love to read and write. I'm an aspiring writer still in high school looking for a pen pal who can help me with my German and Afrikaans. I'm easygoing and love animals. Feel free to message me if you want to be my pen pal, I'm hoping to build a long-term friendship with this person. I am also currently trying to learn American sign language which I would appreciate a lot.
모국어 :  스페인어
학습할 언어 :  수화 (미국수화), 일본어
hello i would like to learn japanese for business purposes. if you like i could teach spanish. Thank you for your time.
모국어 :  스페인어
Hola, soy Mar, soy de México, me interesa practicar mi inglés y francés, tengo 37 años, dos hijos bellos y un roomie que dice que es mi esposo. Me gustaría hacer nuevas amigas y amigos de otras partes del mundo. Si quieres platicar puedo ayudarte con español. Bonjour je suis Mar, je suis du Mexique, je veux pratiquer mon anglais et en français, peut aider en español.
모국어 :  아랍어
Hello. I am Sahar from Morocco. I am 23 years old. I study public law. I was a journalist previously. I love learning languages, learning about other cultures and traveling. I am interested in novels and books, singing, drawing, swimming, watching cartoons. Haha.
初めまして、典子(のりこ/Noriko)です。 私は聴覚障害を持っています。ろう者です👂🤟 仕事とパステルアートの仕事をしています。 Hi, I'm Noriko. Nice to meet you. I live and work in Fukushima and I like making pastel art. I am deaf and I struggle to form sentences, so please bear with me. 🔇 I want to learn English, exchange mail and letters etc. I'd much prefer to speak with women. Thank you. Приятно познакомиться, меня зовут Норико. У меня потеря слуха. Я глухой человек. Работаю и работаю в технике пастели. 簡単な挨拶は少しできますが、日常会話はまだ分からないです。 I can make a few simple greetings, but I still don't understand everyday conversation. 外国人先生(女性の方)と一緒に英会話の勉強していきたいと思います。 英語と日本語の意味、読み方(カナ)で書いて貰えると、分かりやすくとても助かります。 I would like to study English conversation with a foreign teacher (female). It will be very helpful if you can write it in English and Japanese meanings and readings (kana). ↓ ハロー! hello! こんにちは!    1対1、英会話の練習をしたいです。 メール、手紙、日常英会話などを学びたいです。 I want to practice English conversation one-on-one. I want to learn email, letters, everyday English conversation, etc. 私は文章の組み立てが苦手なので、分からないときは、聞いてください。 I'm not good at composing sentences, so if you don't understand, please ask. ※海外の先生→女性限定です。 * Overseas teachers → Only for women. 英語の勉強がしたいので、男性の方はお断りします。すみません。 I want to study English, so I refuse men. Excuse me. 《男性の方》 ブログやメールは、出来ます。英語の勉強と訂正をお願いします。 《Men》 You can blog and email. Please study and correct English. その他(出会い、体の目的とロマンスなど)は断りします🚫 I prefer to speak with women, however with men-emails and messag are OK. Please study English and correct it. no romance. ご検討の程、宜しくお願いします。 Thank you for your consideration. 現在は、英語やロシア語の勉強をしています。 イギリス手話とアメリカ手話の勉強したいです。 分からないところがあって、教えてもらえるととても助かります。 I want to study British Sign Language and American Sign Language. There is something I don't understand, and it would be very helpful if you could tell me.   【私の仕事】 ・パステルアートの講座🎨 ・手話学習レッスン🤟 ・初心者向けの交流(手話の練習専用)🤲 【my job.】 ・ Pastel art course ・ Sign language learning lesson ・ Exchange for beginners (only for sign language practice) 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇷🇺🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇪🇺🇦🇺🇳🇿🇫🇮etc. 英会話が好きな人、大歓迎です(⌐■-■)✋ People who like English conversation are welcome. thank you! Рады знакомству с вами! ~Deaf✻ パステルアート~
모국어 :  수화 (미국수화)
Hi am blessing am a student i love learning new culiture and i hope to meet some leople i love chatting and texting ppl feel free to text me
학습할 언어 :  중국어 (다른)
I am onos from Nigeria really need a friend to teach me different languages.i want to learn.