Erenna님의 프로필


이름 Erenna
도시 델리
본국 IN 인도
현재 국가 IN 인도
연령 19
성별 여성
모국어 EN 영어
HI 힌디어
학습할 언어 DE 독일어
JA 일본어
KO 한국어
ES 스페인어
ID 인도네시아어



Hello friends... My name is Erenna from India. I am 18. I am a college student studying foreign languages. I am here to practice new languages with native speakers and with anyone who is willing to practice with me. In return i can help you with Hindi.
My hobbies are... guitar, piano, sports, music, and learning foreign languages.
I love meeting new people and making friends from all around the world. Feel free to message me.
Thank you.

새 메시지

새 메시지
Get help from your friend to learn foreign languages!


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